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Parks & Recreation

Parks are complex elements of a town or city. They can serve many different purposes. They may be specialized in their function or can simply provide a visual appeal for residents. Since parks have multiple functions, greener infrastructure, safer neighborhoods, or helping children learn, it is with the utmost importance to take additional protective measures to ensure the safety of residents when it comes to electrical installations in public sectors.

Venice -YMCA 
Venice, Florida

Founded in 1967, the Venice Family YMCA grew over the years and relocated to Center Road in 2007. NCN was awarded the contract to drive the installation of all things electrical. Building from the ground up, NCN rigged the entire electrical system. This included:

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  • Ground rough to conceal all pipes and wiring for a clean look
  • Rooftop units for HVAC
  • All electrical receptacles
  • Voice and data wiring
  • Standby generator
  • Telephone and computer wiring
  • Equipment hookup
  • Accent and decorative lighting
    Other electrical systems such as fire alarms and entry doors

    Other noteworthy work in this sector include

    Pine Street Park in Englewood, FL, Chadwick Park at Englewood Beach in Englewood, FL and Venice Golf & Country Club in Venice, FL.