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When It Comes to School Construction, No One Delivers like NCN


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New school construction is most often focused on one thing: the opening bell of the first day of school. Local school boards simply cannot postpone the first day of school because construction is behind schedule. That’s why, when it comes to the complex electrical work, firms like W.G. Mills, Inc. and Willis Smith turn to NCN Electric, Inc.

David LaCamera the Senior Project Manager with W.G. Mills, Inc. says, “NCN Electric, Inc. has once again performed with outstanding quality, workmanship, scheduling and supervision on another W.G. Mills, Inc. project, Riverview High School. Neal Nowe and his staff are very professional, competitive, and have been one of the best if not the best subcontractors on the Riverview High School project. I have had the pleasure to work with Bob Tothero, project manager, again and I can say that he has always been a great performer with his experience and expertise to manage a project of this size.”

Riverview High School is the largest contract awarded to date for a high School in the state of Florida, $95,000,000. This was a very challenging project with complex electrical systems, multiple phases, numerous changes by the owner, and a tight time schedule. NCN Electric, Inc., Bob Tothero, and his staff performed magnificently and were always on time, provided the proper experienced manpower necessary to handle a project of this size, and kept up with the changes without any problems. NCN Electric, Inc. is a Team player and has been a great asset to this project.

“We look forward to working together again on many future projects.”

Andy Wallace the Operations Manager from Ajax explains the quality of work that went into the Charlotte High School project by saying, “A lot of the success that we experience at Ajax is because we have the opportunity to work with quality subcontractors. NCN is one of those thoroughbred subcontractors that help make our team a success. Their foresight for not only their own work, but the work of others along with dedication to client satisfaction is what sets them apart.”

“For the construction of the Venice Elementary School in Venice, Florida, we specifically chose NCN Electric for its ability to get things done in the time frame they needed to get done,” said Dave Sessions of Willis Smith. “Neal and his team take a professional approach to every project. They understand deadlines and go above and beyond to get the job done despite whatever challenges they face.”

The Venice Elementary School was constructed under very challenging circumstances, according to Mr. Sessions. In the midst of a boom in new construction, Willis Smith had to construct the new facility without disrupting the daily operations of the existing school, which was located on the same property.

“There were many challenges and NCN rose to meet them,” Mr. Sessions explained. “Many nights and weekends were critical points of switching over power and systems between the two facilities and NCN always provided the qualified manpower and expertise to ensure everything got done right and on time.”

With W.G. Mills, Inc., NCN provided its electrical contracting expertise on the AAA Manatee High School project, a 240,000 square foot new construction consisting of eight buildings, two concession buildings, a sports field and parking lot.

“We were on a tight schedule and critical path during construction,” explained Matt Leftbridge of W.G. Mills, Inc. “Due to the size of the project and the opening day deadline, we had to build out on a dual path, constructing the eight buildings of the campus and the athletic field, concession buildings and parking area simultaneously. When it came to the electrical work, NCN had to provide twice the manpower of a normal project and meet an extremely challenging schedule.”

The result: NCN flooded the project with the supervisors and qualified manpower needed, the electrical work was completed on time and on budget, and W.G. Mills, Inc. met the school board’s deadline.

“We’re currently working with NCN Electric on a number of projects,” said Mr. Leftbridge. “If we’re using them again, that means they’re good.”