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When It Comes to Retail Projects, No One Makes the Registers Ring like NCN


Florida Certified Electrical Contractor Serving Serving the Retail industry for North Port, Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton, Ellenton, St. Petersburg, Tampa, & Beyond

With offices in Atlanta and Orlando, Pinkerton & Laws manages a variety of construction projects throughout the Southeast. Once a project is contracted, the firm focuses on building it quickly, correctly, safely, and under budget. And when it comes to the electrical contracting, Pinkerton & Laws often turns to NCN Electric.

“We’ve done a number of major retail projects with NCN Electric, from the Prime Outlets in Ellenton, Florida, to a number of Wal-Mart Super Centers,” said Matt Craig of Pinkerton & Laws. “But by far the most challenging projects have been remodeling of existing Wal-Mart Super Centers and that’s why, when it comes to the electrical, NCN is our contractor of choice.”

“Remodeling bears many more challenges than new construction because you have to do major construction within a live, working environment,” he continued. “You need to get the work done quickly, efficiently and safely while keeping the store manager happy, maintaining high customer satisfaction and ensuring that daily operations aren’t disrupted.”

NCN Electric is a hands-on electrical contractor. That’s one of the reasons we bring them in on these types of projects. Neal and his team do their homework. They know how to coordinate the electrical work to anticipate challenges so they don’t become problems when you’re in the thick of it. They communicate, they understand the product and are on time and on budget every time.

“NCN is proud of its work, likes what it does and Neal and his team put their name on every project,” he concluded. “That’s a guarantee of quality for us.”